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replacing animal experiments

Since its founding in 1976, the Animalfree Research foundation has been active in various areas: project funding and support, political work, public relations, and membership on several boards. The Animalfree Research foundation has gotten involved wherever the fate of experimental animals can be positively influenced. This is also reflected in our mission statement. We are consequent in pursuing our goals, but we remain open to dialogue and if necessary, are willing to compromise. This approach has made us a sought-after discussion partner..


Our vision is a world without animal experiments. An important way to do this is to support projects that are involved in research and development of alternative animal-free methods.


The development of alternative methods alone is however not enough. It must also be ensured that the new test is introduced and applied as widely as possible in other laboratories (the so-called implementation). The scientific world therefore needs to be informed about the existence of the alternative method. Then again, the authorities that have to approve animal testing applications must also have this knowledge. Because the law clearly states: if a suitable animal-free or animal-friendly method exists, it must be used!


For this purpose, the scientific journal ALTEX (Alternatives to Animal Experiments) was founded back in 1984. From very small beginnings, this periodical has become a well-read journal, with four issues per year. In 2006, ALTEX was transformed into the ALTEX Edition and became independent of our foundation, but close and friendly ties between us remain. In order not to neglect the ethical and philosophical aspects of all sciences, ALTEX Edition also publishes an issue of the TierEthik journal twice a year.