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Information on project funding

Eligible topics

The following topics are preferred:

  • Promotion of alternative methods for the complete or partial replacement of animal experiments in the sense of the 3Rs: development, validation, optimization, publication, recognition, application.
  • Dialogue with the scientific community and the public as well as commitment to change the legal framework for the protection of experimental animals.


Topics excluded from funding

The Animalfree Research foundation does not fund any animal experiments. Excluded from funding are in particular:

  • Projects with little or no expected impact on replacement and / or reduction of animal experiments.
  • Scientific projects with no prospect of application as an alternative method.
  • Projects that disregard the animal’s dignity.


Application process

All applications for funding should be directed to the foundation's office. Please use the corresponding template for the grant proposal.  


The office confirms the receipt of the application within two weeks. The submitted applications will be treated confidentially.

The office examines the application in terms of regulatory compliance, professional quality, animal welfare relevance and budget compatibility.

The Animalfree Research foundation reserves the right, if necessary, to clarify the possibilities for project execution, and to obtain an external expert opinion on the application. By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to these conditions.

Decisions are communicated within approximately three months.


Funding contract

A written funding contract will be signed between the Animalfree Research foundation and the applicant upon approval of the project.


The funding contract sets the scope of the approved funding.


Obligations of the funding beneficiaries

The beneficiaries are obliged:

  • to properly use (and bill) the funding according to the approved research plan.
  • to notify the Animalfree Research foundation's office early if the already awarded contributions are unlikely to be used.
  • to deliver on time the interim and final reports specified in the funding contract.
  • to notify the office if they register a patent for an invention resulting from a research project supported by the Animalfree Research foundation. If this patent leads to financial gain, the grant can be reclaimed in whole or in part. The foundation board determines the amount to be repaid on an individual basis
  • to submit the scientific results of their research project to an appropriate body for publication, and submitting a copy to the foundation. All publications must include acknowledgement of the support by the Animalfree Research foundation and use at least one of the required keywords.
  • to deliver a suitable short version of the results for the lay public.


The Animalfree Research foundation reserves the right to use the research results in an appropriate manner to present the work to the public.

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