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Wednesday, 01. January 2014 /

3R-update: a Novel Online Seminar for Literature Search and Publication

Project title:

3R-update: a Novel Online Seminar for Literature Search and Publication  

Project leader:

Sylvie Vullioud  

Financial support:    
Project background:

Information literacy is the ability to know when there is a need for information, and to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand. Fundamental 3R information is hard to find, because of large difficulties in dissemination and accessibility. Therefore, special attention should be given to develop specifically 3R information literacy knowledge.  

The aims of Sylvie Vullioud’s project were to train biomedical fundamental researchers located in Switzerland in 3R information literacy, to better promote applications of the 3Rs, to improve biomedical reproducibility of results, and to contribute to better biomedical validity in general. The project uses online courses and workshops in already existing mandatory 3R courses organized by LTK (Institut für Labortierkunde, Zürich University) accredited by the European FELASA organization (Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Association).    




Vullioud S., de Kaenel I., Schindler S. (2016): a new online educational tool for improved 3R literature search. Zenodo.    


The project 3R-update ( has become a mandatory part of course for the students and researchers involved in animal experiments. So far, over 200 study directors, doctoral students and researchers have participated in the project.  


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