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Tuesday, 24. January 2012 /

Development of an in vitro Test System Kit for Bone Substitute Materials

Project title:  

Development of a Kit for Testing Bone Replacement Materials  

Project leader:  

Daniel Seitz  

Financial support: 28'700 Euro    
Project background:

The goal of this project was to further develop and standardize in vitro characterization and advanced cell cultivation methods to a robust test system that can be used as a replacement for animal experiments in the development of bone substitute materials and bone implants in the research phase. The approach is based on a comparative study of in-house reference materials (calcium phosphate ceramics) and commercial, medically established bone replacement materials whose clinical efficacy has been demonstrated. The first step was the standardization of cellular tests for mineralization and osteoclast activity. In the next step, analytical methods were applied to co-cultures in which the cell types interact in a simulated bone system using specialized bioreactors.


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