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Monday, 01. January 2007 /

Teaching Material for Brazil

Project title:

Teaching Material for Brazil  

Project leader:

Thales de A. Tréz  

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Project background:

For many years, the organisation “InterNICHE” has tirelessly worked on its goal to replace animal experimentation in education. Supported by Animalfree Research and others, representatives from InterNICHE are travelling around the world in order to show universities and other educational institutions alternatives to animal experiments and to help implement these methods.  

By supporting a new book project of InterNICHE Brasil, Animalfree Research aimed to counteract the use of animals at Brazilian high schools and universities. The book intends to get to the bottom of the set of problems created by the use of live animals in education, viewing it from different professional perspectives. Its goal is to provide background and support the tour through Latin America for the distribution of alternative methods.    



2007 - 2008  


Tréz T. (2008): Instrumento Animal - o Uso Prejudicial de Animais no Ensino Superior. Canal 6.  

Updates: One important goal has already been achieved in Brasil: at the level of junior high schools, animal experiments are now prohibited. Another significant target remains to be met: the ban of animal experiments in higher education.