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Sunday, 01. January 1995 /

Animal Use in Education

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Animal Use in Education  

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Bundesverband studentischer Arbeitsgruppen gegen Tiermißbrauch im Studium (SATIS) in Germany Arbeitskreis für die Förderung von tierversuchsfreier Forschung (AFTF) in Austria  

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Project background:

Animalfree Research has funded several projects that assessed the animal use in education.  

The questionnaire-based survey by SATIS addressed educational institutions with obligatory courses which probably used live animals or organ preparations. 86% of the questionnaires were returned and altogether 262 courses evaluated. In sharp contrast to the Austrian results (please see below) the authors stated in the article’s summary that “it is still hardly possible to graduate in biology, medicine and veterinary medicine without taking part in courses where animals are used”. Of the 60 faculties of biology, 8 did not require obligatory use of animals or offered alternatives, of the 36 medical faculties, 4, and of the 5 veterinary institutions, none. At the same time, according to an earlier survey, 80% of students expressed their wish for animal-free alternatives. Approx. 60’000 animals were found to be killed in the surveyed curricula. Students unwilling to participate were at times denied the certificates of completion. At the same time the authors noted that a large range of alternative methods was already in use and that it seemed to be possible to provide a good education using only those.  

AFTF in Austria sent questionnaires to altogether 246 institutes located at faculties for human and veterinary medicine as well as the life sciences at Austrian Universities, asking whether they were using animals for educational purposes. The responding rate was 100% (!) and the results somewhat surprising. Only 6 institutions (2.44%) were claiming to use animals for teaching purposes (the majority non-lethal), and 5 of these were offering non-animal alternatives to their students. These findings were in sharp contradiction to those in Germany, where the use live animals were a major part of teaching and training.    




SATIS (2000): Erfassung des Tierverbrauchs und des Einsatzes von Alternativmethoden im Studium an deutschen Hochschulen.  

AFTF (2000): Tierversuche und tierverbrauchende Methoden bei Pflichtlehrveranstaltungen an österreichischen Universitäten.