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Tuesday, 01. January 1985 /

Model of Epilepsy Using Rat Brain Slices

Project title:  

Model of Epilepsy Using Rat Brain Slices  

Project leader:  

Helmut Haas  

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Project background:

Finding a valid in vitro model for epilepsy is important since existing in vivo animal models cause large amounts of stress and often involve physical interventions. These interventions include (depending on the form of epilepsy being studied) the administration of substances such as pentylenetetrazol or strychnine, giving electrical impulses into specific brain areas, or surgically implanting recording EEG electrodes to measure seizures.  

Helmut Haas and his group at the Neurosurgical Teaching Hospital in Zurich developed a method for which only brain slices of rats are being used. In this method a rat is killed by gassing, the brain removed and the hippocampus cut into several thin slices. By using electrophysiological methods on the slices of hippocampus, several applications of anti-epileptic compounds can be studied, using just one or a few animals for the whole experiment instead of the many more that would be needed for a study in living animals. The use of brain slices from both rats and mice are now quite commonly used in electrophysiological studies of anti-epileptic drugs.    


1985 – 1987