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Saturday, 01. January 1983 /

Virtual Tox Lab

Project title:

Virtual Tox Lab  

Project leader:

Angelo Vedani  

Financial support:    
Project background:

Starting in 1983, Angelo Vedani (currently Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel) received regular financial support by Animalfree Research to create a tool to virtually predict the toxic potential of chemicals and drugs.   In 1990, the Animalfree Research funding was decisive in the founding of the “Schweizerische Institut für Alternativmethoden” (Swiss Institute for Alternatives to Animal Testing), which opened in 1991. The Institute was soon thereafter transformed into the Foundation Biografik Labor 3R. The foundation exists to this day and hosts the “VirtualToxLab”, which simulates and quantitatively predicts the interaction of a compound with a series of proteins known to trigger adverse effects.  




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Vedani et al. (2007): VirtualToxLab - in silico prediction of the toxic potential of drugs and environmental chemicals: Evaluation status and Internet access protocol. ALTEX 24: 153-161.    


VirtualToxLab can be freely accessed by all non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities (see and it is now being used by over 80 institutions worldwide.