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Research strategy

Despite a variety of available alternative methods, the number of animals used in research is still rising. Our research strategy takes this observation into account, and we continue to advocate for the implementation of suitable alternative methods.

Animalfree Research is committed to implementing alternative methods and developing new ones.
Animalfree Research is committed to implementing alternative methods and developing new ones.

The Animalfree Research foundation has been active in the practical development of alternative methods to animal experiments since 1976. At that time, this was a pioneering act – and it remained so for many following years. In the meantime, numerous foundations and organizations worldwide have become active in this area and nowadays a considerable scientific community focuses on this topic. Despite this gratifying development, it is now clear that:


  • Even after decades of development and optimization which provided a rich supply of suitable alternative approaches to (almost) all animal experiments, the number of animals used in experiments still continues to rise.
  • The problem is therefore not the non-availability of suitable alternative methods, but the lack of their acceptance.


These circumstances have led the foundation board to change the priorities of the Animalfree Research. While the research into new methods will continue to be supported, the implementation of alternatives will be increasingly promoted as well.


  • Together with key decision-makers, the Animalfree Research foundation aims to successfully support the implementation of alternative methods. The annual forum should serve for discussion of the key issues.
  • Targeted projects and studies should help lay the basis for discussion with decision-makers from research, politics and industry.
  • The general public should be provided with information on the subject of «replacing animal experiments».
  • The Animalfree Research foundation will nevertheless continue to support projects in basic research on alternative methods.


Therefore, our goal ("We replace animal experiments") does not change. We have merely adjusted the way we want to achieve this goal in response to the developments during the recent years and decades. In this way, we can make the best use of the resources available to us and our network.