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How are alternative methods being used in basic research?



Basic research is an essential pillar of science. It addresses unresolved issues and thus serves to expand our knowledge. At the same time, for example biomedical research almost exclusively relies on animal experiments and rarely uses alternative methods. It is therefore hardly surprising that around two-thirds of the animal experiments are conducted for basic research.

The stronger implementation of alternative methods in basic research has to be sought. But what exactly needs to be done? What are the experiences made with the application of alternative methods during project planning, implementation and monitoring? What obstacles are there and can they be eliminated?

At the Animalfree Research's forum, this topic will be examined from a different perspective. Experts who are involved in the planning, approval, implementation and publication of a project will be given the opportunity to speak. A special focus will be on the implementation of in vitro methods and identification of areas with a concrete need for action. The forum will offer a unique platform to jointly develop some solutions.

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Claudia Mertens, President of the Animalfree Research

Introductory presenation

Dr. Stefanie Schindler, Head of Consulting, Education and Research, Animalfree Research

The view of animal welfare officers

PD Dr. Birgit Ledermann, Teamhead Animal Welfare CH & Deputy Corporate Animal Welfare Novartis Pharma AG

The view of the researchers (Basel Declaration Society)

Prof. Rolf Zeller, University of Basel & Vice President of the Research for Life Association

GMOs and alternative methods

Prof. Thomas Rülicke, Director of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Science of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

The view of the committees on animal experiments

Dr. Erwin Kump, member of the Animal Experiments Commission Zurich

The view of the editor of a scientific journal

PD Dr. Franz Gruber, Managing Director and former editor of the magazine "ALTEX"“

Panel discussion

PD Dr. Birgit Ledermann

Prof. Rolf Zeller

Prof. Thomas Rülicke

Dr. Erwin Kump

PD Dr. Franz Gruber


Felix Wirz, Managing Director, Animalfree Research

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