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The overall aim of the funding opportunity is to support researchers who want to develop and/or implement a 3R-relevant project.

The focus lies on replacement/reduction.

  • Funding sum: max. 100’000 Swiss Francs. The applicants' salaries and any materials directly linked to the project will be covered under this funding line
  • Project duration: max. 2 years (1.1.2018 – 31.12.2019)
  • Project location: Switzerland


The project results are expected to significantly contribute to one or several of the following goals: 


  • Reduction of animal numbers in science
  • Improvement of laboratory animal welfare
  • Protection of the animal’s dignity


Project proposals can be submitted via postal mail to Animalfree Research, Postfach 817, 3000 Bern 8 Or via e-mail to


The application procedure comprises 2 stages:


  • 1st stage Open Call


30th of June Deadline for Submission of project outline

Proposals will be judged by their feasibility, plausibility, scientific quality and expected overall impact on laboratory animal welfare applying the 3R principles. Details on funding can be found in the «Regulation for awarding research grants» on our website. Please submit using the form «Grant proposal» on our Website, as well as your CV (max. 2 pages), a publication list (last 5 years), and all references/publications (full text) which are relevant for comprehension of the proposal. Receipt of the documents will be confirmed by the foundation within a time period of two weeks. 



  • 2nd stage On invitation only


31st of October Deadline for Submissions of detailed project

This may only be submitted if Animalfree Research has considered the project highly relevant. The foundation will then examine the detailed applications for funding. The Steering Committee will decide on approval or rejection. The template for submissions of detailed project proposals will be published on the foundation’s website in due course.



  • The final decision on funding or rejection will be made on 8th of December 2017.


Throughout the evaluation process, the foundation reserves its right to consult external reviewers, unless a reviewer is explicitly excluded according to the proposal.





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